Thursday, April 12, 2012

4G and 4G LTE Coverage Status On Florida's Space Coast

MELBOURNE, Florida -- In an ironic twist, Brevard County on Florida's Space Coast has been one of the later areas for major smart phone carriers to roll out full 4G and 4G LTE coverage despite the Space Coast's reputation for heavily technologically-based industries such as Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island and Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida.  

Currently, some carriers have 4G and/or 4G LTE coverage in Brevard County with improvements scheduled in the near future. Since most contracts and consumer phone upgrades occur in a two-year cycle, here is the breakdown of the current status of the major carrier's coverage and planned improvements on Florida's Space Coast to help Brevard residents with their next choice in carrier contract and phone upgrade:


Presently, Sprint has 4G in Daytona and Orlando areas, but not in Brevard County.  Sprint's Public Affairs spokesperson Crystal Davis said that, "Sprint’s in the initial stages of rolling out 4G LTE across the country and should have nationwide coverage by the end of 2013.  We have only announced six markets where we will initially roll out 4G LTE with more announcements coming later in the year.  Unfortunately, it’s unknown at this time when Brevard Country will receive 4G coverage from Sprint."

Like Sprint, Verizon also plans to add 4G coverage to Brevard County by the end of 2013. According to Regional Public Relations Director Chuck Hamby,  "Verizon will place a 4G footprint over, and in addition to, our current 3G coverage."


According to a T-Mobile June 2011 press release, T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network can achieve theoretical peak download speeds of 21Mbps – and is up to three times faster than on today’s standard 3G networks. T-Mobile’s 4G network reaches 208 markets and more than 200 million people, including Florida's Space Coast.

Metro PCS has 4G LTE coverage throughout Brevard County, except of course, on the National Merritt Island Refuge according to Metro PCS's 4G LTE coverage map for Central Florida.


"AT&T has 4G speeds in Brevard County.  With our HSPA+ network with enhanced backhaul we deliver 4G speeds up to four times faster than competitors 3G," said AT&T Regional Director of Communications Gretchen Schultz.  "Some carriers have opted for a strategy to jump straight to 4G LTE without upgrading the speeds on their current network, which means in areas without LTE, their customers have a slower 3G experience.  By deploying two 4G technologies that work together for our customers - LTE and HSPA+, AT&T customers have access to consistently fast 4G speeds in and out of 4G LTE areas.  AT&T customers in Brevard County have been able to take advantage of 4G speeds since early 2011."