Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cadillac Commercial Celebrates American Exceptionalism

Image and Video Credit: GM

A new Cadillac ELR commercial celebrating American exceptionalism, capitalism, and materialism with a nod to the U.S. Space Program is sparking controversy.

The commercial features actor Neal McDonough overlooking a pool who asks, "Why do you work so hard? For What?  For This?  For stuff?  Other countries, they work, they stroll home, stop by the cafe, they take August off. OFF!"  

"Why aren't we like that?" McDonough continues.  "Because we're crazy driven hard working believers, that's why.... Were we nuts when we pointed to the moon?  That's right.  We went up there and you know what we got?  Bored.  So we left.  Got a car up there.  Left the keys in it.  You know why?  Because we are the only ones going back up there, that's why."

"Look.  It's pretty simple.  You work hard, you create your own luck and just gotta believe ANYTHING is possible.  As for all the stuff.  That's the upside to taking two weeks in off in August," McDonough says as he starts up  the Cadillac.

Not surprisingly, the commercial has outraged the left.  "Cadillac Made A Commercial About The American Dream, And It's A Nightmare," wrote the Huffington Post.  "Nevermind the fact that the U.S. government is now paying Russia $70 million a pop to shuttle NASA astronauts to the International Space Station."